Little Moto vs Giant Tree

Last spring I took some time off between tours for a tour of my own, and rode my motorcycle south down the coast from Vancouver BC, with the goal of riding “as far south as I need to go until I’m not cold anymore.”

The coastal route via hwy 101 to hwy 1 is an epic trip with incredible views around every twist and turn, just the kind of solo adventure I needed to recharge between busy tour guiding seasons.

One of my favourite drives by far was through the “Avenue of the Giants” in the Redwoods forest in Northern California. There’s nothing like driving beneath the canopy of some of the world’s largest trees to make you feel small.

Near the end of the forest stretch, I drove my motorcycle into a tree. I couldn’t help it, it just looked so inviting.* 🤷🏼‍♀️

Entrance of the Avenue of the Giants
Entering the Avenue of the Giants
Motorcycle entering the Avenue of the Giants
Xavier, my sturdy travel companion (Honda CB500X)
Sitting on an old giant tree stump
Stopping for a rest among the trees
Staring up at the giant treetops
Feeling rather small
View of the treetops
The view from down here
View up the Founder's Tree
The “Founder’s Tree,” 346 feet high
standing in front of giant uprooted tree
These trees put the “awe” in “awesome”
Standing in a giant tree
Feeling a bit like I’m visiting with ents.
motorcycle driving through Chandelier Tree
Couldn’t resist the tourist experience of driving into a tree.

The Redwood forest of Northern California is beautiful, but in April it was still quite cold. I have a lot farther south to go before it gets warm… stay tuned!

*No motorcycles or trees or tour guides were harmed in the making of this post.