Adventure Tour Guide, Creative Mercenary, Mould Breaker, Road Warrior, Writer, Designer, Wanderer. By my very nature I dislike being put in a box and labeled which makes “About” pages like these rather hard to make, but people need labels to understand one another, so these are a few of the labels I am proud of.

The heart of the matter is I have a passion to change the world by telling stories and taking people on adventures. I have found a way to live this passion in the tourism industry, and in addition to leading tours – never content to settle for just one thing! – I’ve become somewhat of a Janelle-of-all-trades for helping tourism industry companies with creative things: writing & editing, and graphic design & web development. I’m also currently working through part-time graduate studies in Tourism Management with Royal Roads University: #alwaysforward!

Thank you for wandering into my online space, I’m so happy you’re here!