Grand Adventurer

“Follow me, we’re going on an adventure!” – Me, on a pretty much daily basis.

They say you’re supposed to find your passion, then find a way to get paid to do it. I am, and have always been, an adventurer. When hotmail first came out and before “e-newsletter” was even a word my family members were already receiving issues of “Janelle’s Grand Adventures” in their inboxes, detailing and dramatizing my latest escapades.

However, it wasn’t actually until very recently I realized I could make a career of adventuring. Just last year, after my life apocalypse, I was sitting on a beach watching the sunset on the other side of the planet, contemplating the blank slate of my future and dreading the return to my office-job-with-benefits, and decided to burn it all down, quit my job over Skype, and apply for a job as a tour guide. Now, I get paid to take people on adventures. Hopefully, soon, I’ll come full circle and also get paid to write about it.