“I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.”

Winnie The Pooh

They say you’re supposed to find your passion, then find a way to get paid to do it. I am, and have always been, an adventurer. Dubbed the “Little Wanderer” by my grandmother, when hotmail first came out and before “e-newsletter” was even a thing my family members were already receiving issues of “Janelle’s Grand Adventures” in their inboxes, detailing and dramatizing my latest escapades.

However, it wasn’t actually until recently I realized I could make a career of adventuring. A few years back, after my life apocalypse, I was sitting on a beach watching the sunset on the other side of the planet, contemplating the blank slate of my future and dreading the return to my office-job-with-benefits. So I decided to try something completely different, quit my job over video chat, and accept a job as an adventure tour guide.

Now, as a professional tour guide, aka “Road Warrior,” aka “Driver Guide,” I take small groups on adventures around Canada and beyond. I am incredibly grateful to be living my own dreams while helping others follow theirs.

Reviews from past travellers

“Our Guide, Janelle was fabulous! She made sure each and every guest had an optimal experience. She was knowledgeable, personable, considerate, funny and fun. All of the information she shared was presented creatively and in an enjoyable manner. There was never a dull moment and she even made the longer bus treks fun with custom playlists and lots of guest engagement. Overall everything was outstanding!”

Mary Jo via TripAdvisor
(“Rockies Ultimate Adventure” with Discover Canada Tours)

“My group was blessed with Janelle, a wonderful person who made this trip so much better!  She knew her stuff about all the things we saw, and always had a fun fact to throw out there when we passed something interesting! She didn’t feel like that much of a tour guide, more like another friend (who knew how to drive a bus) on this wonderful journey across Quebec and The Maritimes!”

Jesper via TripAdvisor
(“Almost Big One” with Out Here Travel)

Join me on an adventure?

Contact me to inquire about joining my future scheduled trips or if you’re looking for a passionate, experienced Canadian tour guide to lead your next trip.