Hello, my name is Janelle Visser, and this is my new online home.

I have not been called Janelle Visser for quite some time, but after surviving a marriage apocalypse and thriving in the aftermath thanks to, among other things, a healthy diet of what I like to call “Adventure Therapy,” I have decided to start the new year anew as Janelle Visser.

For this I’ve created a new website, because it’s the future and what better way to (re)take a name than claim it as my own (web) domain? So welcome to my new domain.

I have spent no small amount of time, and my friends’ time, deliberating on what to do about my name post-marriage. I didn’t like the idea of “going back” to my “old name” initially, largely because of the philosophy of Always Forward that has been my mantra in 2017 and has carried me through so much. Many people suggested choosing a new name, but nothing really seemed to stick.

Then, the morning after the one year anniversary of the day my world fell apart, I woke up feeling like a million dollars. Why? I wasn’t sure at first, but I realized it’s because I survived, and not only survived, but I am absolutely thriving in the aftermath of my marriage apocalypse, one year later. And in that, I felt a new sense of closure, of moving forward… and out of the corner of my mind the words “Janelle Visser” tumbled out, as though they were now again available to me, attractive to me, as though claiming them would now be moving forward, not backwards. And so at last I have decided to reclaim my birth name as I continue this process of renewing myself in the New Year.

“Divorce is a process of making oneself whole again. Recovery of one’s birth name is part of that restoration to their prior individuality.” – Rosemary Frank

So here I am, alive and thriving, jumping in the ocean on the first day of 2018. The New and Improved, Janelle Visser 2.0.



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